Monday, October 20, 2008

La La Land

Less than 36 hours in L.A., and I've already fallen in love with the city. It's possible that in another 36 hours I will have fallen out of love, but right now I'm nuts about it. There are a few things I could foresee being an issue if we were to enter into a serious relationship, but I guess this is a just a fling. And what a fun fling it's been so far.

I flew in yesterday, giving me a full 48 hours to discover L.A. before I have to work. I rented a Chevy Equinox (in love with that, too), filled up the tank, and put the GPS to work. Traveling alone certainly has its perks . . for instance, you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT. I'm an extremely social person who likes to share every moment with someone else, but traveling alone doesn't necessarily mean I can't. I get to make friends! And so far, I've made friends on the plane, friends at the beach, friends in line, friends at church, and friends at a bar in Malibu. The one downside to traveling solo is that I have to ask strangers to take ridiculous pictures of me. You know, like pictures of me eating my ice cream and pictures of me at a restaurant, just so I never forget that I ate that or visited that place.

I've just checked into my hotel (after staying with a friend's friend last night), and I'm venturing out to West Hollywood, meeting up with new friends. (My mother won't be able to fall asleep after reading that. She doesn't like me walking outside alone after dark. Ever. Anywhere.)

It feels so good to be in California again.


steve and randel hambrick said...


where are the crazy stranger taken pics????

Morgan said...

Picturing someone taking your picture eating ice cream cracks me up. You are hilarious!

I'm glad you're having a great time! Maybe you should consider a move to ca?

Heather said...

Maybe California will be your new home one day soon.