Sunday, May 04, 2008

fun in florida

Florida is fantastic. Our five-bedroom rental house has a pool and a hot tub right out the back door. Rather than spending every day at Disney, we've been laying out by the pool and getting a lot of sun - much more fun than toting small children around amusement parks in upper-80 degree temperatures. All that said, we did spend a few hours at Sea World yesterday and plan to see Adventure Island tomorrow. I've never been to Disney World, believe it or not, so I'm hopeful it will happen.

I love these children, all four of them: 4 year-old girl, 3 year-old boy, 6 month-old boy, and 3 month-old boy. The 3 year-old, Triston, is a crack-up all the time. My good friends' son, he is one of my all-time favorite children. Always, always saying something hilarious.

Just now, as we're watching Ratatouille:
"I don't want to hear another word about rats! I don't like 'em!"

Triston is petrified of getting water in his eyes during bathtime, and although I've proven myself trustworthy, he shakes, whines, and worries that I won't wash his hair the right way. Upon successfully finishing the task with no water in the eyes, I asked him to say "You are awesome, Laura! You didn't get water in my eyes!" He repeated after me. The following night, as I was rinsing his hair amidst his whimpering and whining, he asked,

"Wora, are you awesome?" *crying while speaking*
"Well, we're all done, and I didn't get water in your eyes."
"You're awesome, Wora! . . . . I'm happy now!!" *smiling*

Not wanting his dad to leave for the evening, he exclaimed, "Daaad, don't leave. I don't appreciate that."

There are many more moments where those came from, and I'll be sad to leave my friends as we fly home to our separate locations on Tuesday. It's been a blessing to be here!

. . signing off as the kiddos are dancing to the rolling credits.


k said...

awww! so cute! glad you are having fun in the sun! ratatouille is so cute!

lauren said...

no i havent had any bad experiences bc i dont let that shit get to me and thats bc i know all those christians and all the years they have known me and now that they know that i am gay- they have realized something about homosexuals. i showed them that im not different then i was before they knew i was gay. homosexuals are not some mystery to them now that they know one. they can no longer stereotype 'gays'. and you dont have to tell me what the Lord says we must do bc i am a christian and i know what we must do. we must stop condemning ppl bc your Lord is the one i have to answer to, not you so stop taking his place. christians do not know how to speak in love to sinners, bc you know what, they dont care. they are too worried about themselves to actually love sinners. bc they are all too weak to be around 'sinners' w out falling to the very temptation. so they all hide away and try and protect their own salvation. and that is riduculous to think that homosexuals are blind to the revelation of gods love for them.

lauren said...

and why didnt you publish my last comment?

s said...

sounds like so much fun! i love little kids.