Tuesday, May 27, 2008

bad decision

This is the man I should've met today: New York Yankee Johnny Damon. I spent an amazing weekend at the Jersey Shore with a big group of friends, but decided to head home last night versus today.

In doing so, I was able to enjoy Memorial Day free of traffic and hours on the road. I went to the gym, laid out by my pool, had lunch on the Waterfront, made a gourmet dinner for my roommate (who will be moving next week), and had a dance party in my living room. (My roommates and I attempted to teach our fourth roommate how to "get down".)

But in going home early, I totally missed Johnny! My friend's step-brother plays for the Orioles, used to play for the Red Sox, and is therefore friends with Johnny Damon. On the drive back to D.C., the girls stopped at her brother's house to hang out and Johnny came home with him (from the game) to attend a neighbor's BBQ! A-Rod was on his way, as well, but my cute Yankee-loving friend said she couldn't handle staying for the BBQ due to her now-sweaty armpits and inability to speak!

I love the Yankees, so I am kicking myself right now! (I DID meet Derek Jeter a couple years ago, but a "hang out" it was not!)


Erin said...

Johnny Damon was my baseball boyfriend when he played for the Red Sox and if I heard he was going to be at a BBQ nearby I would have turned that car around immediately ;)

k said...

it is amazing what a shave and haricut can do for a man. he is a hottie!

TCO said...

Johnny Damon is a traitor. Go Red Sox!

cady said...

oh man! what a bummer. i have to agree with erin...i totally would have turned around. :)

my life is brilliant said...

Oh, how fun!

OK, so I'm catching up, and random comments all in one post:

1) The Kansan? Whoa! Totally didn't see that coming. So glad it went well, though.
2) August.ana? Jealous! How awesome to see them in concert!
3) I still want to see a picture of your purse.
4) Um, I need a dance party -- and lessons. Are you gals coming to Dallas anytime soon? ;)