Thursday, May 22, 2008


I've been reading Stephanie Klein's blog for three years now, and I just finished her first book, "Straight Up and Dirty". Although a little too dirty for my taste in some parts, I absolutely love the way she writes - which is why I'm so excited to purchase her new book, "Moose" and attend her reading in D.C. on June 2nd. Below, I've included a video advertising the new memoir about her childhood experiences at fat camp. By embedding this video, I now have a chance to win an Hermes scarf! Stephanie is the queen of maximizing the versatility of an Hermes scarf. :)

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emily said...

The Borders in Pentagon City gave me a copy of Moose almost a week early. I happened to have the day off today so I read it cover to cover. It's a GREAT book. Pick it up ASAP!!

I wish I could make it on the 2nd to see her at Olsons but I will be out of town on business. I've bee reading your blog (I heard about it through a friend) for about a year now and love it. Congrats on the new job!