Sunday, May 11, 2008


I am ex-haus-ted. Truly. And the tiredness wasn't helped by the horrible turbulence I had flying into D.C. this evening amidst the wind and rain that apparently plans to stick around for several days. Ugh.

After returning from Orlando on Tuesday, I emptied my suitcase and packed it right back up again. Following a friend's bachelorette shindig on Thursday evening, I flew out Friday morning to attend my cousin's wedding in Indiana. I skipped that friend's black-tie wedding for the simple wedding of a family member, and I'm very glad I did.

The hotel was ghetto with broken exercise equipment and mystery stains on the underside of the comforter, but I'm still alive and well. Each night, we gathered on the couches for family time - my cousins, my aunts and uncles, my parents, and my siblings and my grandma. Homemade cookies and GORP (good ol' raisins and peanuts) were passed around until the hour was late, and we were off to bed.

Most family members hit the road early this morning to drive twelve hours back to Nebraska, but I spent the day at my cousins' farmhouse south of Indianapolis. It's the coziest, most loving place I know. Lunch included my aunt's famous sloppy joes, and I tried hard not to laugh upon hearing what was on the menu. She is an excellent cook, but this is a frequent go-to meal for her and her family of nine (now eight with one married). The cousins are quite musically talented, so we gathered in their new addition to hear them sing a few songs (microphones, keyboard, and bongo drums included). The time flew by too fast, and soon I was off to the airport with my great uncle and his wife.

There is so much more I should write, because I never want to forget these special moments with my family. . but I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Tomorrow is the first day of the last week at my job. Eeee! It will be bittersweet, strange to pack up and and say goodbye, but exciting to know that something new is on the horizon.


k said...

so there is a new job on the horizon!?! how very exciting!

Heather said...

When are you going to tell us where the new job is???