Thursday, May 22, 2008


Having all day to prepare for a non-date - or a date (not quite sure what this is) - can't be good. I don't think I have a single hair on my face, my skin has the perfect amount of shimmer and glow, I am sufficiently lotioned, and I smell great. I'm hungry, but I can't eat. Wouldn't want an EBS, an emergency bathroom situation. Sixteen minutes until he gets here. But who's counting? Gosh, I hope this goes well. "Girl, you have fifteen minutes to get it together," my roommate just said. I'm usually never nervous for this stuff. Because hello, I'm awesome and so much fun, and it's his lucky day today! Yet right now I'm a bit anxious. Maybe if I visualize things going smoothly . . I mean, it's not just the fear of awkwardness. This isn't the first date, so what is going on? Why the sudden interest again? Whatever, I don't care. I'm signing off and will be back with a full, or half-full report (depending on how much I decide to share). "You've got nine minutes," she just said, laughing. Oh, how she loves to harrass me.


k said...

good luck! i'm sure it will go well!

s said...

you are fab, i'm sure the date went fantastic and i can't wait to read about the details.