Friday, November 09, 2007

Random Picture Friday

I decided to pick a random picture from my flickr account and just write about it. Because I am oh so bored at work. I stayed two hours late last night and came in an hour early . . and now I’m done. Nothing really left to do this week. Except clean off my desk, but blogging is way more fun than that.

So here is the picture. And I wish I had randomly chosen another, but I literally closed my eyes and clicked.

When: December 2006
Where: New York City
Who: with New Girl, my former co-worker and friend

The first thing I think when I see this picture is: very good idea. Wish they would do this in D.C. Why do I wish they would? Because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed to use the facilities and there are none available. Most places require you to purchase something or wait in line for a key before they will let you use their restrooms. And who has the time or money for that? Sometimes you’ve just gotta go . . NOW. No time to ride the metro home. No time to walk to your final destination. Can you tell that I’ve had a bad experience? You’re right, I have. I won’t get into it, but it was very unpleasant. Very uncomfortable. It was one of those days when Nebraska sounded even more wonderful than I already think it is. I never thought that one of the reasons I would ever give for missing home would be accessible restrooms. Speaking of restrooms, I may as well also post a picture of the most lovely publicly accessible restroom I’ve ever found. It is, of course, in the wonderful city of Omaha. And it is in a gas station. But I prefer to call it a convenience store. Because it is so convenient, so unlike anything here, so . . wonderful. I enjoyed my time in this restroom so much that I almost didn’t want to leave. I felt so at home. Can you see why?

It was large, cozy, clean . . and it even smelled good. I would rather go to the bathroom here than in some of my friends’ homes. And I can't say that I've ever felt that way about a public restroom.
I can't believe I've written an entire post about restrooms. Actually, if you knew me, you probably wouldn't be that surprised. I guess I will sum it all up with this: if you live anywhere that is not a big city . . don’t take your restrooms for granted.


Courtney said...

wow! That *is* a nice bathroom!

And I like random picture Friday. An excellent idea.

(Also, thank you for your sweet comment on my post. Made my day!) :)

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Just throw in remote control, a big screen, and a cold drink and I"m home.

my life is brilliant said...

That really is a nice bathroom! It's just a shame they ran out of toilet paper.

But I bet they had a whole cabinet stocked with more in that place!