Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Jerk's friend said . .

"I can't believe he did that!"

"I am so irritated with him!"

"He was talking about how much he liked you after you left the game that day!" (The first day he didn't call when he said he would.)

"Oh I can guarantee you he's gonna regret this."

And it just gets weirder.

She told me that she'd let me know if she heard anything. I told her that, if he asked, she could just tell him I was disappointed and wished he would've said something.

Who knows if I'll ever learn more. She mentioned saying something to him, but she also mentioned that she didn't want to dig and might see if he brought it up. (He did know we were hanging out tonight.)

So what happened between Saturday night and Sunday afternoon? It's like unsolved mysteries. I will probably never know.


Heather said...

He became an idiot is what happened. hahaha

k said...

do you think he thought you weren't interested and then retreated to save face??? still an a**hole move but maybe one you could forgive.

s said...

i don't know exactly what happened between you and him, but from the things his friend said, i'm so confused. maybe there is some sort of explanation why he didn't call? jerky boys are so lame.

my life is brilliant said...

Agreeing with Heather.

Boys are weird.