Monday, November 12, 2007

Looking Forward

Now that the weekend has passed, it doesn't look so bad anymore. I should clarify that under normal circumstances I wouldn't have hung out with someone on such short notice. However, he had just cancelled his plane ticket home that day and changed the dates. But it's true, being unavailable never hurt anybody . . it just ruined their weekend, ugh. We won't be letting him know that, though!

I did end the weekend on a great note, babysitting for Cousin J's kids. They couldn't possibly be any cuter. When I walked up to the front door, two-year old Walker was sitting on a tall stool in his jeans, long sleeved RL polo, and a green Patagonia vest with his elbows on the credenza looking at pictures on the Macbook. Just like a little man. I wish I'd had my camera out. Six-month old Miss Michael smiled at me with her big open-mouth grin looking just like her brother had when he was that age. Walker and I spent quite a while on the sofa watching the Cowboys v. Giants game. He was mesmerized. He loves to repeat things, especially Tony Romo's name, and he thinks it's quite funny when they tackle each other and fall "on the ground". Ok, now I have to post pictures of them, although these are a couple months old.

So I have turned my thoughts from this weekend to the coming weekend when, on Sunday, I will be flying to Austin, Texas for NINE days! I have cousins living in both Austin and Houston that I will be visiting. I've been to Austin three times before, and I just love the Southern sophistication of the historical yet very hip city! I'm excited to go back! Coincidentally, I booked this flight prior to going out with The Texan, but he will be there for Thanksgiving as well, so we have plans to see a concert together and possibly watch the Nebraska v. Colorado game. Although I could make a long list of the things I'd like to do there, I don't want to have any expectations beyond just enjoying my cousins' company. Only six more days to go!


Courtney said...

Ugh, expectations. This is exactly why I hate New Years Eve... you build it up and build it up... and then it's always lame. Boo. Good call with the just seeing how the weekend goes and not expecting too much. I'm sure you'll have a blast though.

(Awesome about the concert with the Texan!!! That worked out well!)

s said...

i hear austin is great. it's nice that you'll get to be with your family over the holidays and see the texan in his home territory. i'm with you on the no expectation things.

my life is brilliant said...

Boo Colorado. Kill them, Nebraska!