Saturday, November 24, 2007

Day After Thanksgiving

Yesterday was the only day I'd ever had any plans before coming to Austin, but plans had to change and fortunately God gave me enough contentment to enjoy my day. The Texan had invited me to a concert at Texas' oldest dance hall, and we were also going to watch the Nebraska game together. Obviously neither thing happened.

Aunt Jill told me bright and early that she wanted to take me to SoCo to shop. Although it's a neighborhood I really wanted to visit, I was so disappointed to miss the game. It's been a few years since I haven't watched or listened to a Nebraska game, especially the day after Thanksgiving game against Colorado! It just would not have been right to ask my cousins to turn off their movie or to tell my aunt "thanks, but no thanks" on the shopping trip, so I asked BF to send me updates and tried my hardest to put it out of my mind. SoCo was fun! And I found the coolest vintage belt buckle of a guy slalom-skiing at Uncommon Objects. I couldn't not buy it. Aunt Jill and I had lunch at an Austin pizza place, Home Slice, and it was mouth-wateringly delicious. Areas like SoCo are just one reason I like Austin so much. There are tons of local shops and restaurants that are based solely in this city or at least started here.

The idea of shopping and a movie that night didn't sound nearly as exciting as the country concert originally planned, but I was able to put it out of my mind again and just enjoy my family. We spent some time at a local mall, and I was able to find a couple of great buys, one of which I actually needed. We saw the cute Disney movie "Enchanted" and ate the candy we'd all picked out at Lammes, yet another Austin original.

We ended the night back at home eating some "Fat Boys"(as Uncle Rich refers to low-fat, low-cal Skinny Cow ice cream treats) and surfing the web to find a new hairdo for Aunt Jill.

It's raining this morning, and the forecast says it won't be letting up until sometime tomorrow. I'm totally bummed, because of all days, these were the two we planned on being outside. Rain, rain, go away!

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