Friday, November 30, 2007

Chocolate-covered Friends

I could just eat these two up! Meet my best friend and her husband, seen here at their second wedding reception in his home state and their new place of residence, The Shire. First of all, let’s just state the obvious: Beautiful People. I can’t wait to meet their children. I’m already working on the jealousy thing because those kids are going to have the most amazing shade of skin.

In case you don’t remember, BF and her man met through a mutual friend and dated long-distance until getting engaged. He then made the sacrifice of temporarily moving to her city for the duration of their engagement. Meanwhile, I was living near neither of them. The idea of your best friend falling in love for the first and only time without you being there to witness it is not what you would call exciting. I knew she would pick wisely, but I wanted to get to know this guy almost as badly as she did if things were gonna get serious. The beautiful thing is that I was able to. Throughout the course of one year, I was able to see them together SIX times. And it really only took a couple for me to give him my stamp of approval. He is the sweetest, most wonderful husband I could ever pick for my best friend. And of course she is the sweetest, most wonderful wife so BOOM! Sweetest most wonderful couple!

I have asked them to please wait for me to get married, or at least start dating, before conceiving any children, because . . . well, I’m selfish . . and I want them all to myself for as long as possible. And double-dating sans children would be so much fun! But regardless of what happens when, I am so happy that we’ll forever be doing life together . . even if it is long-distance.


Anonymous said...

Hi Laurs,

I just read your blog with Michelle and wow very touching!
You are a great person and a great friend to Michelle. Keep believing and keep praying your husband will come, we all know it! We Love you!
-Ryan and Michelle

Stacey said...

They are such a cute couple!