Saturday, October 01, 2005

"It's a beautiful day here in Lincoln . . "

The guy on sports radio was right. It was a beautiful day, around 80 degrees with a nice breeze. But what made it even more beautiful was our win against ISU (#23), the first Big XII Team we've played this year. We won in the 2nd OT. What a game! Our offense finally showed up. So we are now 4-0 and remain undefeated at home against ISU (since '77)! Above, me & Micki had to get a picture with this guy! What a great paint job. He was eating up the attention, walking around the entire stadium. I love crazy fans!


Stacey said...

Oh, how I miss college football games! Congrats on your team winning!

I was born in Omaha, actually on Offutt Air Force Base, but only lived there the first 2 years of my life and haven't been back since. I'm dying to get back to NE to see what it's like in my "home" state. :)

L said...

Stacey - I love it here. You should definitely come visit NE sometime. I hear that Chattanooga is beautiful, though. I hope to come see for myself really soon!

girl from florida said...

Sigh... we were undefeated before this horrible, horrible weekend. Boo.

It looks like you guys had a blast, though! My hubby thinks it would be hilarious to paint a huge Gator on my belly for the UF/FSU game in November, since I'll be pretty pregnant by then. Har har.

Stacey said...

Yes, Chattanooga is wonderful! So much to do, but not all the traffic that comes with larger cities. Wonderful downtown area and great shopping at the malls. :) You would love it!
I'm hoping to get a trip to Nebraska in within the next 5 years!!

L said...

Girl from FL - I was keeping my eye on the score of your game (FL/AL) while at the stadium on Saturday. I'm not necessarily a Bama fan, but my friend is (and she was so sure they were going to win). I was able to go to one last year when I visited her, which was fun (& she has skybox tickets)! I definitely understand the pain of losing; we did plenty of that last year!! That would be great if you painted a gator on your belly. Never too early for the baby to have team spirit! Being a Husker fan, I never know who to root for when UF & FSU play each other :)

Sam said...

Wow, gotta tell ya I've always hated Nebraska football but somehow I run into you crazy cornhusker fans.

Thanks for the post on my site. Enjoy that fall in Nebraska. I still say NU loses at least 2 games this year.

P.S. I'm a UF fan. rough weekend so you get some of my built-up angst.