Monday, October 31, 2005

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Overall, I had a good weekend. We went downtown to Upstream Brewery for S's birthday. I love the atmosphere, but my sandwich was just so-so. I hate when I decide to try something new and then I regret it! Should've stuck with the BBQ Chicken pizza.

On Sunday, it got up to 67 and BF & I ended up taking our Fall pics out at the lake with her new digital SLR. There were so many pretty spots. I'll have to post a picture later.

The bad part of the weekend was, of course, that we had our 3rd loss this season (24-31 to Oklahoma). SO sad! I was there, sitting amongst the Sooner fans, and their loud chants of "OooooooU!" The plus side was that we did have a great view of the field.

The ugly part was that I rear-ended someone on my way to Lincoln! And, I ask you, how does someone who went to school in Lincoln for a year take 3 wrong turns?? If I hadn't taken those wrong turns, I wouldn't have ended up having an accident. In my defense, the accident was not due to me being an air-head, like my last accident, 8 years ago, was. It was one of those exit/yield situations where you think the guy in front of you is going, so you turn to see when you can go and slowly roll forward . . crrrunch! That is the worst feeling! Fortunately, I did nothing to his truck. He had one of those old Ford pick-ups with the metal bumper that really messed up my hood, my bumper, and my headlight. I can't imagine if I'd actually been going at a speed greater than 1 mile per hour!

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Erica said...

Hey, this Erica. You commented on my blog. I appreciated what you said, and I agree with it.
We need love and truth.

Its so great to hear from other Christians all over the place.
I've been to Nebraska a couple of times. It was nice. It was spring which was especially nice as it was still FREEZING in Canada.

Now that I know where you are on the web, I'll stop in and read your blog too!