Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dinner and a Movie

I wish people would just stop having birthdays and babies! This is getting expensive!

My cousin and his wife, out in D.C., just welcomed their first, Walker Bransby. I'm so excited for them! Bransby is his great-grandmother's maiden name. I love when people use family names!

S had her 24th yesterday, so we went out to Biaggi's for Italian, and it was delicious! I get the same thing every time I go, which is: Spaghetti Pollo Rosso with sun-dried tomatoes, tomato cream sauce, chicken, and peas! I wish I would've eaten less last night so I would've had even more for lunch leftovers today (I love reheated pasta!). But I just couldn't stop!

We went to see "Just Like Heaven" which I thought was cute, but different. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I can be one of "those" who critiques movies a little too much. I often have to bite my tongue so I don't annoy those around me. . and myself. The funny thing is, I hate when other people do the exact same thing!

I can't get over movie prices! It's only been a few months that I have not been considered a student. (I graduated last December, but then had to take a 1 credit hour class in the Spring in order to receive my diploma and "technically" graduate.) Whenever I walk up to the box office, I have this debate going on in my head.

"Just say you're a student."

-"It's a lie! It's a lie!"

"It's not that big of a deal."

-"It's still a lie!"

"Everybody else lies and says they're a student."

-"Should you compare yourself to everyone else?"

Dangit! "One adult, please."

Now if the kid at the box office wants to assume I'm a student, then I'll let him give me a "discount".


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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k said...

I always have that internal debate myself. I can't wait until next year when I am a student again - although the student prices are still high in my opinion.

I wanted to see Just Like Heaven but it isn't playing in Seattle anymore! What is up with that??

LindsayBlake said...

that will be $8 mam. auh! i hate that. i dealt with the devil on my shoulder about that each time for a while... then i decided before hand i am an adult. i've wanted to be for a year, so darn it i will pay the price... i love the kids when they give me a student discount - even when i say i am not. pays (at times) to be honest :)

girl from florida said...

mmmmm that pasta sounds so delicious! I want some now :)