Friday, October 28, 2005

A Special Break and A Special Breed

I just had to take a blog break from work. Otherwise, I may have slithered out of my chair and crumpled into an unrecognizable ball on the floor. And to think, today is way better than yesterday. It's odd how usually my days are fine, and go smoothly and quickly, and I don't want to repeatedly bash my head on my keyboard and bite all my fingernails down to bloody stubs (ew! I never actually bite them down that far), yet other days I feel as though I need a professional masseuse and 4 Advil more than I need food and water. Yesterday, I scared myself, because after going home from work and being confronted with a very nasty person, who will remain nameless (but is not in my immediate family) I wanted desperately to use the "F-word" repeatedly. This may be normal for some, but it is very very unusual for me, and I can count on one hand the number of times I've been tempted to say it - usually those being very emotionally upsetting situations (involving boys and lots of crying-what else?).
At any rate, today they are catering Qdoba for lunch and that is my beam of light shining in the dreary workday.

Yummm . . . I just had a soft shell steak taco and a hard shell chicken taco with cheese and guac and lettuce and salsa, along with chips and salsa and a gigantic chocolate chip cookie. I ate it with my eyes closed (in private) and I think that made it taste even better. I have now gone from liking Qdoba to loving Qdoba. This may have lifted my spirits for the rest of the day . . I'll let you know.

Last night, Best Friend & I were talking about where the heck our husbands are and who the heck they are (not that I'm in a hurry . . just curious). I said it was going to take a special breed to be with me, and she agreed. But, then I got worried. I mean, I don't want him to be weird or anything or dorky or quirky. (I worry because I meet few people that actually impress me.) So I made my sister promise to not let me marry someone who wasn't cool. She just laughed and said she didn't think that was possible. So I made her promise to marry someone cool, too, so our husbands could get along and we could all hang out together and live happily ever after :).

And I'm pretty sure that you can tell just by reading that last paragraph why I need a special breed.


Alyssa said...

too funny! My advice is to be careful. You see when I met my husband he was cool, but it turned out he was a dork in high school. Not really a dork but just not the cool guy. after we got married his dork tendancies started showing themselves again. So I tease him that we got married under false pretences. Of course I am just kidding. On the plus side dorks make really great dads, and he has brought me a long way on the computer, and he is a sexy dork. I also thought he was very very funny, but it turns out he has the same run of jokes and then once you get through those he is just predictable, but I love him anyway. I am sure your perfect match will come along one day, probably when you least expect it! Take confort in knowing that God knows exactly what guy you need!

k said...

My friend's boyfriend (my coworker) LOVES Qdoba. He eats there at least 2 or 3 times a week. I think his love for Qdoba may trump your love for Qdoba. My love for it though is probably at about the same level as your love for it. Yum!