Friday, October 07, 2005

Look . . Twins!

Now we not only have the same iPod, we have the same laptop, too! I'm really not trying to copy Best Friend, but, what can I say, she likes cool stuff and she always gets it first. And just as I had decided which camera I wanted, she got that, too! Shoot!
Here we are having a CD swap night where we imported each other's favorite CDs, (while watching the O.C. . . . I will not get hooked, I will not get hooked).
After that, we went to a bar/grill in my town to hear the Chris Saub Duo and play some pool. I ran into some guys I knew from high school, which is always fun because I like seeing what other people are up to, which this time happened to be "working for my dad's construction company" and "working for his dad's construction company" and a job where "I pretty much do this [hang out] without the beer".

Fun night, and thanks to Best Friend for coming out to my neighborhood this time ;)


Anonymous said...
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LindsayBlake said...

i love it. that is really funny. you two are so great!

Alyssa said...

You will get hooked you will get hooked!

girl from florida said...

heehee, it is always the SAME way with my best friend and I! She always finds the best little gadgets first. I have no shame in copying her. :)

Stephanie said...

i am glad you have found the incredibly talented chris saub! if you don't have his cds, you need to get them!
his duo partner is my producer, matt tobias!