Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a very long day!

First thing I did after returning to my hotel room after a 12-hour marathon of meetings: DANCE. During my last meeting, I was wishing desperately to be in bed, not sitting there pretending to care so much about green buildings.

Last thing I want to do now: go find food . . because it requires leaving my room, and I am feeling way too lazy for any walking right now.

Best part of my day: visiting the Nike headquarters. Gorgeous campus, people! Acres and acres of land, with a beautiful pond/lake, a Japanese garden, a huge soccer field where professional teams often practice, running trails through wooded areas, tennis courts, restaurants, statues, huge posters of famous athletes and buildings named after them. I ate Maria Sharapova's favorite sandwich for lunch, and I'm pretty sure it is now my favorite sandwich: grilled chicken, proscuitto, tomato, cream cheese, and lettuce on focaccia bread. I'm working on a public-private project with Nike, so I was given a tour of the campus and access to their huge employee store where everything is at least 40% off. And did you know they own Cole Haan? It took a lot of self-control, but I didn't walk out with much. Everything on campus is dedicated to a Nike-endorsed athlete, and each building has cases of that athlete's memorabilia. For instance, Tiger Woods had exact replicas made of all his trophies and gave them to Nike. It was such a cool thing to see.

Best part of my night: will be planning my sight-seeing activities for Seattle tomorrow!

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Brett G said...

Delivery is great. It's combination of my two favorite activities. Eating and not moving. - Jim Gaffigan