Wednesday, January 14, 2009


After only 4 hours here, I'm loving Seattle. In fact, I think I fell in love in the cab on my way to the hotel. Water and mountains. And just walking around downtown, I love the vibe. I also walked a few blocks to Pike Place Market (of course) and bought a couple of small paintings that I love. I ate a bbq salmon sandwich with chipotle aioli while looking out on Puget Sound. And as I type this, I can see it, too. I upgraded to a room on the 34th floor with a great view! I'm off to a meeting and then I'll have the evening to hopefully do some more exploring.


Erin said...

I adore Seattle! I hope you have a great evening. All of the Tom Douglas restaurants are wonderful and make sure to get fresh doughnuts at Top Pot if you can.

The Girl said...

I TOLD YOU! Yay! It is so lovely and it's hard to pinpoint why. But now you know... it's addictive, that Seattle! :)