Monday, January 26, 2009

Northwest Pictures

I may have taken less pictures during my trip to Portland and Seattle than I ever have on any trip.

I kind of regret it. Here are a few that I did take:
It was so great seeing K again, this time in her city - Seattle. It's the third time we've gotten together. I love blog friends!
The view of Seattle from Kerry Park. I wish I'd had my fancy camera with me, because this picture makes it look so tiny and faint.

The typical Seattle pictures, of course. Did I mention I LOVE it there?

The NIKE campus was beautiful, but once I met up with my colleague, I put my camera back in my purse.
One of the many, many amenities for those employed by NIKE. Jealous.

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janet said...

living in DC but visiting Seattle and Colo Springs?! Are you living my life? lol...two places I've been in the past 8 months. My Seattle pics always suck because the sun never shines!