Monday, September 18, 2006


Few things make me sad to the point of crying . . . unless it's that time of the month, in which case everything makes me sad to the point of crying. So when I cried tonight and checked the calendar, it just didn't make sense. I was legitimately sad. Hormones were playing no part in this.

It wasn't because Shae just left. It wasn't because I couldn't afford that cute shirt at BCBG. It wasn't even because Nebraska lost on Saturday.

My roommate is moving out. And I love her. I think I'm realizing that she's one of my favorite people here. I live with three girls. All are wonderful. But she is the only one I exercise with. She is the only one I go to Costco with. The only one I hang out with on the weekends. The only one I've gone to church with (well, until last week). The only one who holds me accountable. The only one who brings friends over . . not fiances or serious boyfriends, but friends. And, lest I forget, the one who keeps our closet stocked with paper towels and toilet paper.

I now see that KC makes living here fun! I share a room with EB, who is wonderful, sweet, etc, but she's with her fiance every single night. Of course, it's to be expected, but it means I don't see her all that often. And TM is also sweet, but more quiet and introverted. The only way I know she lives here is because there are crumbs on the counter every morning and flowers from her boyfriend at least once a month.

KC is only moving 5 minutes away, but it makes a difference! She'll be living with her best friend now. I won't just run into her and spontaneously hit up the tanning salon with her. I won't randomly get the details about her boy situation, life, etc. So much more effort has to go into it. It's not the same. Believe me, it's happened before.

On top of that, who will move in here?? Perhaps she'll be just as wonderful . . maybe more. But there is no guarantee of that. What if she's quiet, boring, or heaven forbid, seriously dating someone?

I know if I pray about it, it will all fall into place. God knows who the next roommate will be. But . . I'm still sad.


pinksundrops said...

I'm so sad with you. I cried for an hour when I thought my neighbor was leaving for the exact same reasons. When you've lived so close and everything has been so easy 5 minutes seems like an eternity - it's like moving away from family. Because for the most part they are the only ones we get to do those things with. I hope that your relationship gets to stay strong and I hope that you'll have another house to hang out at and feel totally at home at. I hope for you that the girl who moves in is equally as wonderful.

Anonymous said...

aww, i'm sorry- that does suck, but your positive outlook is good. i hope that a single and really cool chick moves in.

uk girl said...

i know exactly what you mean - i never see my housemate, who used to be my best friend, now that she is engaged. why do girls do that?? i feel really hurt. i'm sure God will provide an exciting new person for you my dear xx

Lady said...

I really hope your new housemate will become a great friend! When me and my female housemate moved out we wrote each other cards that listed all the things (silly and serious) that we'd miss about each other). And we still keep in touch even though we rarely see each other - it's really great to see how God's working in her life. They're the best kind of friends, the ones you can let go of, but know that they're still there rooting for you and loving you.

It will all be fine, I'm sure! And tears are always better out then in :)

cady said...

i'm so sad for you, but i'm sure you'll get a very cool new roomie. god is looking out for you! i'm thinking about you. :)