Monday, September 25, 2006

FULL of fun

My weekend was FULL of fun, involving black men, dancing, singing, the Oval Office, and of course Husker football at its finest.

Loaded . . with bad intentions
I met DP on the Hill at Tortilla Coast. Leigh invited him to eat with us. It was supposed to be work girls' night out with New Girl, Leigh, and I, but she just had to go and invite her two new friends. DP, dressed in very nice suit and driving a Range Rover, initially claimed he was unemployed and lived at home with his mother. I didn't buy it for one second. Just as I suspected, he had played in the NFL for years. DP, for some reason, paid way too much attention to me, but I thought he was slightly amusing . . at least enough to let him come along as we flitted from one bar to the other, visiting a low-key lounge, my favorite karaoke place, and finally hitting up Smith Point, that "exclusive" preppie bar in Georgetown I've mentioned before. Smith Point has a list that you most often have to be on in order to get in. We know people and could've gotten on the list, but forgot to make arrangements. DP's friend told the owner who DP was and we immediately cut in line and went right in. Dancing was fun there, as it always is, but DP was way too forward. Unfortunately, he already had my number (I'm too nice and can't say NO) and now won't leave me alone. Leigh told him that night, "I'll be real with you. If you don't love the Lord, you don't have a chance." Somehow it didn't deter him, but I've made up my mind to stop taking his phone calls, as I'm not naive enough to think he's not full of bad intentions.

The West Wing
Saturday, Bruin Girl (who attends my Bible study) gave a bunch of us a tour of the West Wing of the White House. It was so great. She was very knowledgable about everything and had plenty of stories to tell. She travels with Mr. President and his family all the time, so she knows him well and is his biggest fan. He even gave her a dog that was rescued in Biloxi, Mississippi after the hurricane. She said the only things the President likes to do when at his ranch are to go biking and clear brush, and if you're on call with him, then you will be clearing brush all day, too . . haha. Another interesting thing is that he makes his staff (and he does as well) pay for their food at the White House. The Navy serves food there, but he doesn't believe that taxpayers should have to pay for the meals of he and and his staff. Bruin Girl has (long story short) flown on Air Force One by herself with 9 secret service agents. She got to sit in the cockpit and call her family, etc. Wow! Needless to say, very interesting stuff. Mrs. Bush designed the rug in the Oval Office, which is very pretty, and Bruin Girl explained why she designed it the way she did with light colors and "sun rays" coming out of the middle . . she wanted anyone who came in the room to know that someone optimistic worked there.

Gooo Biiiig Reeed
After the tour, I threw on one of my many beautiful red and white Husker shirts and headed to a bar near Union Station to watch the game with a bunch of people I didn't know. (I met a girl a few weeks ago from Nebraska and she invited me to watch the game with a bunch of Nebraskans she knew.) Now I knew this bar showed Nebraska games, but what I didn't know was that all they showed was the Nebraska game. Three rooms full of Husker fans and big screen TVs. It was heaven . . certainly the next best thing to being at the actual game. We sang the songs, chanted the cheers, waved our hands in the air after they kicked it in for the extra point, and never got tired of watching the same Nebraska commercials they've been playing for years. On top of having such a fabulous time, I met a couple of Christians in the group!


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pinksundrops said...

That's so neat to know someone on the inside track and find out things most people wouldn't ever imagine.

How fun to be in a room full of people who love the same thing you do!!

You seem to be so level headed where guys are concerned. You're an inspiration to me that it's possible for girls to be rational and stnad for what they believe in before getting into a relationship.