Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Measuring Productivity

For the past two weeks, I have had little to nothing to do at work. We're in a bit of a holding place right now, and I'm worried that once things begin to pick up again, I'm going to be all, "What?!, you mean I don't have time to read the ENTIRE Wall Street Journal anymore??" So lately, productivity has been measured on a different scale. And so, I think I could actually consider today to be very productive.

Here are just a few things I did:

- Advised my friend as to which airport she should fly into when visiting me next month

- Paid a few bills

- Learned of a potential replacement for domino and Cottage Living lovers – Canadian House & Home

- Filled out my March Madness bracket, while researching nearly every team before making my picks

- Looked into tennis and photography lessons in the area

- Collected several new recipes online

- Discovered a site full of recommended Biblical commentaries (I’m currently studying 1 Corinthians and 1 Peter)

- Found out about the future of bakeries: bundt cakes

See? Totally productive.


Anonymous said...

I think we read all the same blogs - I found out about Canadian House & Home today too! But then I saw the subscription price...$54/yr in the US. Ouch! But potentially worth it now that our fave mags are *sniff!* gone...

k said...

go villanova and uw and binghamton!