Sunday, March 22, 2009

Burn and Consume

Oh 60 degrees, are you really going to leave me for another 10 days? Today was so lovely that I'm not sure I can bear to see you go. I only wish I'd spent more time enjoying you today.

Instead of getting outside, I agreed to hit the kickboxing class with a friend. We earned every bit of the queso and Salvadorian food we devoured afterward at Guapo's, too. How does this sound?: a roasted half chicken marinated in Acapulco style sauce, covered with sauteed onions, green peppers, and tomatoes. Oh it was every bit as good as it sounds. And full does not even begin to describe how I feel right now.

On top of tonight's delicious meal, I also tried another new spot this weekend for sushi. Lotus was more of a lounge than a restaurant, but the limited food selection was delicious. I went with a standard rainbow roll, but was able to try out some deep-fried roll ordered by a friend. To be honest, it tasted more like a corndog than raw fish. Once the techno came on, we left for the more casual setting of an Irish pub.

Meanwhile, I kept an eye on the Madness all weekend. I made enchiladas and chocolate chip cookies for the gang on Friday night and watched most of my picks advance, but yesterday and today I've become pretty confident that I won't be winning either of the pools I'm in. At this point, I'd rather lose and watch the Big 12 continue to play well. My brackets don't show too much confidence in my conference, but I hope MO, KS, and OK show the Big East and the ACC that they're not the only ones that can ball. :)


k said...

mmmmm. All that food sounds so good, especially when I am stuck at home with a cold.

(oh, and go Big East!)

(and again - oh, I have your shirt ready to mail and I plan on heading to the post office tomorrow.)

jess@thehomebound said...

That food does sound really good (making me hungry). Thanks for stopping by my blog and how funny that you lived in Omaha.