Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekend Update

What a fun-filled weekend I had! And it began with me taking over the world! It appears I am an excellent Risk-player. I exclaimed to my roommate that I hated the game I’d never played before, but I still went over to her friends’ place to play. We ordered kabobs from a nearby Middle Eastern joint, and I made a pre-game announcement that I was about to dominate. Everyone laughed, but my statement soon proved to be accurate. I had taken over Asia (the largest continent), Australia, and was moving into Europe and North America. My red armies were all over the board! I was defeating armies larger than my own, and it quickly became apparent that no one stood a chance at taking me down. I love winning! Maybe I am more strategic than I thought.

Saturday was a lake day, but not at the usual spot with the usual guys. Instead I was at a beautiful lake in Warrenton with my old co-worker/Friend. Her realtor was having an annual party, and I left with a full belly and a new t-shirt! J I also left exhausted from the intense heat and not so much as a light breeze! A pint of Americone Dream at the convenience shop made me feel much better, as did the Coldplay tunes from her stereo. On a side note: Are any of you brought to tears by their amazing new album? Because Friend and I were! I’m not sure I’ve ever been moved so much by a secular album. I don’t know what he’s even singing about, but the music is incredible.

On Sunday, my bedroommate Lyn and I, took a road trip to Philadelphia to visit one of her friends. It was my fourth time to the city, and I was still able to see new things. We had lunch at White Dog CafĂ© on the UPenn campus, saw the Liberty Bell, and went through the Constitution Center and the Philadelphia Museum of Art (home of the “Rocky” steps), featuring an Ansel Adams exhibit. All that history made me want to go home and watch the History Channel, but I came home and crashed instead. I love short, quick trips like that. And it cost me under $20, food and all! (thanks to her friend treating us to lunch and ice cream, that is).


k said...

i used to love risk. i haven't played in so long!

Jenni Lynn said...

the new cold play album is really good even though I have no idea what they are saying either