Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Early Birthday to me!

And it’s much earlier than usual that I’m getting excited this year, because my gift has already come in a way: my plane ticket to New Hampshire has been purchased! I haven’t seen Best Friend since Christmas, the longest we’ve ever gone by far, but I decided a weekend with her is all I wanted for a gift. So although it will be a bit weird to not get any tangible presents from my parents or grandparents, it will be more than worth it to visit her over my birthday (one month from today!). I won’t start planning my itinerary yet, but she does have sole permission to use her in-laws beach house that weekend, so I know some sand and sun are in my future. And hopefully Boston, too!

The last time we celebrated my birthday together (three years ago), it involved a “Rocky Mountain” dinner at a new restaurant and re-runs of the Cosby Show. Exciting, yes . . but clearly this year will be way better!

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