Friday, July 11, 2008

Pictures from Home

Hi!  I feel like I never "see" you all anymore.  I've hardly had any time to read your blogs, and if I haven't commented, I apologize, because I've probably been at work, and that is one thing I refuse to do at work.  It's ok to read blogs occasionally, but noooo commenting.  
Today I turned in a 10-page proposal at work, and I get to wait all weekend before finding out what my "boss" thinks.  He did say, upon a brief glance, that it was exactly what he was looking for and lengthwise, much more than he expected.  So I'm optimistic.  Except that after he tells me he likes it, I have to really start doing my job and executing all the "action items" I recommended.  Maybe ten pages was a little long.  

I am still getting familiar with the MacBook and probably will be for the next six months, because I just don't have as great an urge to be online anymore.  We'll see how long that lasts.
I do want to share a few pictures from my trip to Nebraska.  It's hard to choose which ones,
 because I had such a wonderful week and every picture seems to have some story behind it.  
This is downtown Omaha, the Old Market area.  Cobblestone streets and old buildings.  Unique shops and restaurants.  I like it.
My sister and I, still downtown.  Look at those big buildings! :)
Pontoon ride at Grandma's lake on a perfect summer evening.
The cake for my sister's lingerie shower.  It was made by my friend, Anne, who just started a cake business.  It was delicious!  Vanilla with chocolate mousse filling.  Plus chocolate cake truffles that were to die for. If you live in Omaha, you've gotta get your cakes from her!
My cute sister and me at her rehearsal dinner.  We made it casual and grilled out Omaha Steaks burgers and chicken at the lake.
On top of the obvious slalom skiing I did, there was also a hotdog ride with my cousin and aunt.  We were whooping and hollering the entire way, attempting to stand up, and laughing when we fell off.
The Fourth of July means fried chicken and lots of yummy sides.  Followed by lots of yummy cakes and homemade ice cream.
Minutes before walking down the aisle.  Doesn't she look pretty?  I mean, she IS pretty, but with that fab make-up job I did, she's beyond pretty. ;)
They took some great pictures!  The ceremony was one of the sweetest I've been to . . and I've been to some incredibly sweet ones.  


my life is brilliant said...

What great pictures! It looks like so much fun!

You and your sister both looked gorgeous. I love the last picture of the newlyweds. Gorgeous!

Heather said...

She was a beautiful bride. I can tell from the pics you enjoyed every minute of it.