Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yum Yum!

Usually strained finances and expensive meals don't go together, but this is me we're talking about . . and I've been eating well lately. And documenting it, of course.

A few weeks ago, my roommate, a fellow food lover and fantastic cook, mentioned a new chocolate restaurant in town. We had no plans on a Friday night, so at 8:30pm we headed to Coco Sala. First of all, restaurant isn't exactly the right word for it. And we shouldn't have been surprised as the name means chocolate lounge. It was more of a posh NYC-style bar with modern decor and velvet booths where we looked completely out of place in our flip flops. We declined the owner's offer of a drink at the bar - we just wanted the chocolate! And after a half hour wait, we got it. Plus a few additional delicious appetizers like:

crispy Louisiana crabcake with mango salsa, chipotle chocolate tomato glaze, and avocado cilantro emulsion

mac n cheese with elbow pasta, parmesan and cheddar cheeses, fresh sage, and a cream cheese crust

I was in heaven already.

And then, three courses of chocolate each. My roommate and I shared every dainty treat. Our favorites were:

mini boston cream doughnut with cappuccino panna cotta
milk chocolate, peanut butter and banana foster split &
cinnamon churros with dulce de leche dip
Here's one course:

In Toronto, I took advantage of my travel per diem by treating myself to an extravagant lunch in the classiest neighborhood in town. I later learned that the chef was known as one of the best in the city! No wonder my lunch cost $66! Here's what I ate:

orechiette with braised rabbit, rapini, garlic, and chili - WOW, it was amazing, especially with a yummy glass of Chardonnay

And you know I ordered dessert: chocolate peanut butter bread pudding with caramelized bananas and yogurt sorbet. Words cannot describe.

And this week it was Lebanese food. It had been too long. Again, my roommate and I went to dinner together, ordering a bottle of wine and six small plates to share. It left me perfectly satisfied . . and just barely tipsy, oops! My favorite was the phyllo breaded and fried shrimp with a tahini pistachio sauce.


s said...

everything looks so yummy

pinksundrops said...

When Brando went to training for his job and had $80 a day to eat with in a new city I told him I would've researched all the best restaurants - spent $70 at them for dinner or lunch and then ate Subway or Potbelly's the rest of the day. hehe You're on my thought pattern.

I can't wait for you to visit again!! Do you have any thoughts?

pinksundrops said...

*as to when you might be out here : ) ?

steve and randel hambrick said...

66 bucks on rabbit for lunch?? yikes laura.. you're so POSH. :)

TCO said...

That's disgusting. I'd rather keep it simple with a burger off the grill and some homemade potato salad.

my life is brilliant said...

Girl, you eat like a queen! I love how adventurous you are with your food choices and how much you enjoy it all.

I need to eat a meal with you sometime! It sounds like a treat!

e said...

congrats on winning the Hermes scarf!

eleanorstrousers said...

I love travelling on the government expense account- and do it exactly as you do. I love spending it all on one fabulous meal, then eating vendor garbage the rest of the time.