Tuesday, June 17, 2008

my trip thus far

Word to the wise: Mark your clear 3 oz. bottles when you travel! Since arriving, I have attempted to both clease and moisturize my face with Aveda curl cream! I knew something didn't feel right, but all my liquids are the same color! And they all seem to smell the same, as well.

Twenty-four hours later, I have survived the conference thus far. I've been extremely well-fed and have met lots of nice people, mainly men. I say this only because I often wish I had more females to talk to, because maybe they would throw just a little less over-my-head industry language at me . . and maybe we could talk about clothes or make-up for a few seconds. It's not exactly 'natural' to walk around an event all by yourself trying to strike up conversations with hundreds of men, many of whom know several other members in attendance. I knew no one. But I did it. And I got to talk about football. And I got to watch the last few holes of the U.S. Open. So maybe I'm ok with all the men.

The "grand event" was quite the event last night. Each room had a different theme, played different music, had different dancers (ex: flamenco and tango), and served different gourmet snacks. I felt like I was on Top Chef! I have one more briefing tomorrow morning and then I'm off to be a tourist! I've made a list of neighborhoods I'd like to visit, but with only six hours to do everything, we'll see how far I get . .

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Heather said...

Sounds like your job is going great. That is awesome.

That is funny about your cleansers. I refuse to carry on so I don't worry about the size containers and then I know what I am putting on my face. LOL