Wednesday, June 04, 2008

had a bad day

Things I wish would not have happened today:
  • the six-block walk (because I still can't find the shuttle schedule) to work in high heels resulting in a blister
  • the absence of lunch
  • the tearing of my lovely brand-new suit pants from catching my heel in the cuff of my pantleg too many times
  • the nearly two hours of unsuccessfully trying to get my ID badge so I can do things like go to the bathroom without an escort; my clearance is not in the system yet
  • the pouring rain/tornado warning that kept me at the "badge place" longer
  • the missing of the last shuttle after work
  • the six-block walk back to the metro with my purse, a small shopping bag around my wrist, a folder tucked under my arm, and my hands holding my long pants up so I could actually wear flip flops home and stop rubbing my blister
  • all the sweating in the humidity

Ugh! Despite all of that, the actual work part of the day was good. I made my first suggestion, which was well-received, and although it was minor, it was nice to have a little confidence boost when facing something so big.

The Kansan and I have been in touch, and we have plans to play golf on Sunday. I'll be honest, even with all our joking and the nice words we've been exchanging, I don't know if this is merely a "friend thing" or what, but the good news is that I'm not worried about it. I would be content just being his friend, and I'm just enjoying the chance to get to know him better. I'm not sure myself if I'd have any interest beyond that, so I can't be upset if he feels the same way. Any other time, I would be overanalyzing and wondering, but fortunately I feel just as chill as the conversations we're having. It's nice for a change.


Anonymous said...

you are in denial. You like him or you wouldn't have been so anxious about the date the other night. But it is good that you are not over-analysizing.

pinksundrops said...

Ugh. No lunch can make all of those things that much harder to deal with. And I hate when new clothes get ruined!! Makes me have a real life sad face.

To make you feel better, maybe, things I wish wouldn't have happened today is the bright lobster red sunburn that is currently making my right side ache. D'oh with not using sunscreen to try and let my white patches catch up with the perfectly tanned normally sunscreened patches!

my life is brilliant said...

SO glad things are going well and that you're loving your new job.

Sorry about the pants, but it's a good excuse to buy some new new ones (and carry flip flops from now on)! :)