Sunday, June 08, 2008


What a fantastic first week at work. Not once did I feel anxious or unable to handle this new position, and I was welcomed warmly by all my new colleagues.

On Thursday evening, I visited my Cousin J and his wife, K. My aunt and uncle were in town, and J grilled up some yummy kabobs for everyone. In catching up with everyone, I was asked what I enjoy doing in my free time out here, a question that is always too hard to answer. It could best be summed up in one word: Everything. I am always up to something it seems, so it's hard to nail down what I enjoy doing most. Having just been out to Lake A.nna for the first time this year, I of course mentioned slalom skiing, a sport my family is quite familiar with as my grandmother has lived on a lake for the past thirty years. I described my first ski of the season and found myself saying "my heart just sings when I ski". Um, did I just say that?! Am I that much of a dork?! I mean, it's true, but still!

And my heart sang yet again this weekend, as I was invited out to the lake for the second week in a row. I'm not sure why these guys always invite me, but we do have a great time together sharing our love for the water and the feel of the wind in our faces.

Yesterday was more exhausting than usual when the temps got up to 96 degrees with 94% humidity, proof that I'm not exaggerating when I call this place (D.C.) a swamp. By the end of my ski, I wanted to curl up in a ball under the shade of a tree. I felt like collapsing. But all the fun and sun was well worth it.


k said...

so jealous! it was 50 degrees here today!

s said...

it's crazy hot up here in ny too. it skipped june and july and became august!

i'm glad you are loving your new job.