Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend hasn't been exciting, but it's been wonderful just the same.

Grilling out with BSG and her friends was a lot of fun. I didn't realize how Mediterranean the grill-out would be, but we're talking homemade tzatziki sauce and couscous with pesto-marinated shrimp and specially seasoned chicken and veggie kabobs. Top that off with a fruit cobbler that was out of this world and make it a la mode (and not just any a la mode - Gifford's cherry ice cream a la mode) and it made for a fantastic meal!

Saturday I said my final farewell to New Girl and lent my muscles to the task of packing up the U-haul. The fact that she's gone won't sink in until I'm back at work I suppose, but I was still down enough that I needed some cheering up. I also needed some short-sleeved tops for work. The mall was the solution to both. And I did find some amazing deals! I spent the rest of the night trying on, mixing and matching, until all my energy was spent out of excitement and I went to bed.

Sunday morning I worked out before church and had lunch with a new church friend. I took her to my favorite sandwich place, Lost D0G, and we had what I think will be the first of many great conversations. I laid out for a few hours by my pool and went over to visit Cousin J & very pregnant K, as well as the ever-so-cute Baby Walker. K's going to pop any day now, and I'm the on-call babysitter anxiously anticipating their phone call.

I left there to have another birthday dinner for BSG at R0sa Mexicano. Three full hours of deliciousness and stories of BSG and her friends' college memories.

I've gotten a bit of sun today from walking and laying out and have gotten to the point of tears over realizing that my 4th of July plans won't be happening as I've planned. Waiting until now to purchase a ticket was idiotic, but I just didn't have the money. Now the cheapest thing I can find is nearly THREE TIMES what I usually pay. It looks like I'll have to cut my trip short, not because I don't have the time but because it's cheaper to fly on a different day. I'm so upset! SO! And it looks like I'll still be spending at least $400. Gah!

I've ended the night with Shrek 3 and Ruby Tuesday with BSG. Happy Birthday tomorrow, BSG!!

I hope everyone else's weekend was as relaxing as mine.


pinksundrops said...

Sounds like a nice and relaxing weekend!

That blows about the tickets. Maybe check on Travelzoo for airline ticket sales? Crossing my fingers the price goes down just as you go to get them! Wouldn't it be nice if super inexpensive JetBlue or that new JetBlue like airline flew everywhere?

k said...

BSG is my kind of girl - celebrating her birthday all weekend!!

looking for cheap plane tickets always stressed me out - never knowing when it is going to jump up or down! good luck - i hope you find a last minute deal!

Heather said...

Ruby tuesday's one of my fav places.

I understand on the ticket thing. It is so frustrating some times.