Friday, April 28, 2006

Mizzou to PA

The day in Kansas ended in K.C., Missouri, at Houstons in the Plaza, with this delicious plate of BBQ ribs . . very appropriate dish to have in K.C.

Another picture from the Plaza (Cheesecake Factory building).

Sadly, it was a gloomy day when we made it to the Arch. None of the pics of myself turned out.

Illinois had absolutely nothing to stop and take a pictures of.

Union Station in Indianapolis. I have a lot of memories here. . . When I was younger, I used to come here with my Indy cousins to eat and play. It has closed now, though.

The celebration begins as Florida wins the Championship!

Ohio had more trees, which was better than miles and miles of fields.

West Virginia became much more hilly (is that really a word?)

Pennsylvania was lovely, of course, with its rolling hills. Unfortunately, couldn't get a very good picture of them. We didn't want to stop and slow down since we were so near our destination.

Lots of Philly pics to come . . .

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pinksundrops said...

Yay more pics! Looks like a wild night at that game!