Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmassy New York

New York was a b-last last week, but as soon as I said goodbye to D, I was ready to click my heels and return to DC, NOT spend a lonely night at my hotel. Also, sleeping on the 5th floor is not the best, and honking horns awakened me just five hours after going to bed.  This is why I waver on my feelings for that city.  One minute I am in love with her, and the next I am ready to go.

But back to my trip . .

The first order of business on a very cold Tuesday was to get a cup of hot cocoa in my hands.  I got off at Columbus Circle and enjoyed a teensy one from Grom.  It was super delicious, but I was a little disappointed they were out of dark chocolate. 


I wandered through the Holiday Market on the corner of Central Park and then headed to cookies. I mean, heading to lunch would’ve made more since, given the time of day, but this is me, you know.

The one reason I was glad to have booked a hotel in Upper West was Levain Bakery. I probably would not have made it had I been staying in another part of town.  It was a little awkward lugging my suitcase and tote and purse down those itty bitty steps into that teensy weensy bakery and back out again, but those cookies are worth all that trouble. Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever! And the Chocolate Peanut Butter is possibly even better.  I cannot – or will not - eat them without milk, however, so as I’ve done in the past, I saved them for home.  Warmed in the microwave with ice cold milk.  Perfection.


After checking into my room, it was time to get party-ready. Minus my hair. For that, I headed to the Flatiron District and pampered myself with a blowout at Drybar. While it was a fun experience, I wish my stylist had given a better scalp massage, and the Cosmopolitan style didn’t take very well with my hair – a shocker, since my hair holds curl extremely well. I love the vibe, the interior and the offering of champagne, and I would recommend it as a fun, inexpensive way to treat yourself sometime.


Let me now make a suggestion as to what NOT to do in NYC and that is walk a mile in 4 ½ inch heels that you have yet to break in, and you have wide feet. Oh wait, that’s me. Let’s just say that I wore flat boots to the Christmas party and didn’t care one bit that they weren’t so stylish. New shoes broken in, feet broken.

After said torturous walk, I was at the Empire State Building to meet my man.  He was working on the 38th floor for the day, and he came down to meet me, get me a building pass and escort me to the TOP. 


He flashed the office executive pass to every guard we met, and they replied “Excuse me, right this way”.  We even had our very own elevator for part of the ascent.  Perfect for making out in. Just kidding. Sort of. For those few minutes up, I was feelin’ like a Very Important Person.

It was insanely windy up there and coooold, which made taking eleventy pictures of a stranger feel like it took an hour.  But it was still romantic and such a cool experience.  I had never been to the top, but I would encourage anyone to pay the $22 it costs for a ticket. And go at night – although your pictures might not turn out very well.  And that is the basis upon which every decision should be made, am I right? 


Moving on. The holiday party was fun, and I was shocked by just how welcoming and friendly all of his colleagues were – New Yorkers and Charlotteans alike. We ate Italian food, drank wine, and watched as each person gave out a superlative award and gift.

D and I ended the night strolling down 5th Avenue past a couple of department store windows . . . 



. . ending up at Rock Center to see the tree, which was NOT LIT UP. How dare they? And before midnight? That makes twice we have seen the tree unlit. Ah well. Maybe next year?

 Rock Center

And that was the end of the trip. I might be leaving out the part where I cried dramatically when he dropped me off at my hotel, but I like to focus on the positive. And starting Friday, I will see him for eleven consecutive days! Wheee! And Merry Christmas!


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