Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pizza Night

Hello friends! I'm back, I'm fairly tan, and I've been too busy to blog about it. 
I've needed some catch-up time with the girls so Lauren invited us over to make pizzas and salads last night. Deeelish!
My sweet friend KC joined us via video chat from her new place in San Antonio. She was eating a burrito as usual.  We made "must-read" book lists and gabbed til Lauren's eyes got droopy and she kicked us out.
Now doesn't that sound more fun than blogging?


Alanah May said...

Your blog is so fun & refreshing to read! Always positive. Love from Australia!

Pink Sun Drops said...

Oooh, KC is in San Antonio now? Does that mean more Austin/Texas visits? Please say yes!

These pizza looks delicious and I am LOVING how much you are enjoying life lately. Love, love, LOVE seeing all your too sweet for words pictures.