Friday, July 22, 2011


Guess what, you guys – it is almost D’s birthday! Just a few more days ‘til I can make him a cake, give him his gift, and treat him to a delicious dinner and as many Belgian beers as his heart desires (which fortunately won’t be too many, since he’s not a big drinker). The one small downside to this birthday thing is that . . I’m feeling a little bit jealous. Not because I wish it were my birthday (that’s coming soon enough next month), but because of his age, his glorious age. A young 27, while I am weeks away from the big 3-0. Hold me.

Still, I'm glad I snagged a younger man . . just like I wanted. :)



Pink Sun Drops said...

Aw, 30 is awesome. It's taken us this long to get here, we better darn well celebrate it :) ! Happy birthday to D!!

a tall sassy gal said...

You will love your 30s. It is great!

k said...

30 is fabulous (you cradle robber!) as are you!

LaynahRose said...

haha, happy birthday to him :)

havent you seen 13 going on 30? thats when you can be 30, flirty and fabulous.