Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Very Fall Weekend

It is always nice having a visitor . . even if productivity takes a plunge.

This weekend, my high school friend Shae was in town – her fourth visit in three years! I feel so blessed to have seen her so often these past few years, despite our living on two separate coasts. Although much of her time was devoted to work, we were still able to enjoy ourselves . . and in some very appropriate ways, given our shared love for Mexican food and shopping.

We managed to eat Mexican food three days in a row – Mexican, Salvadorian and Tex-Mex to be exact. That’s a lot of chips and salsa and margaritas.

Mmmm, pupusas, a stuffed flatbread. Mine was filled with cheese and pork.


We also managed to get into a little bit of trouble at the Barney’s and Saks outlets. Oops.

Pumpkins were picked up at a stand along the road, and pumpkin patch cupcakes with cream cheese frosting were made to end the long weekend.



I only wish it had been longer.

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my life is brilliant said...

How fun! I love how filled with pictures your posts always are. :)