Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cracking Crabs


"Do you like to get your hands dirty?"

That's what my friend's boyfriend asked me. And I said yes.

But then I got a little grossed out when we cracked crabs for dinner the other night. Old Bay all over my hands and yucky crab parts that you aren't supposed to eat right next to the ones you are {like the finger-like things that are the lungs and the mustard-y part that . . I don't even want to know}.

It was a lot of work, but the delicious Maryland crab meat was worth it.



my life is brilliant said...

So true! When we had lobster at our friend's wedding a few weeks ago, it was interesting to see what things you can find. Everyone kept saying, "Just don't eat the greenish parts." Seriously?!

I felt the same way about that experience!

Anonymous said...

I think I only like crab when I someone cracks it for me!

s said...

my favorite. i still dream about maryland crabs and old bay.