Friday, February 15, 2008

Life can be full of surprises

. . like when your little sister gets engaged at the age of twenty!

I don't know about you, but at age twenty I was in no place to be making vows to anyone. Yet it doesn't frighten me that my baby sister is about to do just that in only four and a half months. Maybe because it's quite possible that she has more maturity, albeit less experience, than I do! (Don't let that go to your head, Kid Sister!) And maybe it's because she really has found the love of her life . . so why wait?

I've gotten a few calls from concerned friends and family who are convinced that I must be devastated. After all, I am the big sister, the oldest child in the family . . and this means I'll be the last to get married. But if I'm sad about anything, it's not that. My life has taken a much different path than I ever thought I wanted, but it's been wonderful, and if God's timing has been right on everything else, then I know it will be right in that area of my life as well.

I think if I'm sad about anything it's that I won't feel needed anymore. And she's never been needy in the first place, or one to want my wise counsel on important matters (such as hair color), but I still felt needed in a special way. And now?, now that damn fiance of hers does such a great job taking care of her that I'm not sure my sisterly services will ever be needed again. She'll never need my warm body to shove her back to her side of the bed during sleepovers at my parents', she'll never need me to smack her butt and tell her it's perfect, and she'll never really need my advice because his will be most important.

So if I'm crying up there on the altar that day, it won't be because I'm still single.


pinksundrops said...

One of the most important things for a marriage is the advice of a sister : ) . You'll still be needed.

Congrats to your sis!

s said...

i love this post!! and like daughters always need their mothers, sisters always need eachother.

congratulations to your sister!!