Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sad News

I heard the news last night . . can't believe I didn't find out sooner.

Nick and Jessica split.

I'm really upset by this. I really thought they could make it. At least longer than three years! She said she was serious about keeping her vows.
I'm a Jessica fan, though I have been really disappointed by her the past few years. It's amazing what fame can do to you. I used to admire her for maintaining some modesty, saving herself for marriage, and seeming like a sweet, wholesome girl . . not to mention the fact that she is beautiful and has a great sense of style!

When I watched "Newlyweds", though I loved the show, I wondered how Nick put up with her. She acted spoiled, selfish, ultra-materialistic, unladylike and lazy. Perhaps she was putting on a show much of the time, but what kind of a way is that to start a marriage - acting for a camera, trying to get fans and publicity at the expense of your marriage?! And her videos kept getting more and more scandalous. Poor Nick didn't have much of a career anymore, so that couldn't have done much for his ego, not the mention the fact that his wife seemed too into herself to care. This is not to say that he didn't contribute in some ways. Of course no one knows what went on behind the scenes, but plenty went on for all to see that could lead anyone to see that marriage had to be tough.

I can see how so much publicity and fame could hurt their marriage . . I'm just disappointed that they didn't do whatever it took to keep it together.


k said...

I was just discussing this today with my coworkers. Her sudden rise to fame was obviously the cause of their breakup. Do you think she would give it all back if that meant she and Nick could live happily ever? Obviously I am just making a huge assumption, but I don't think she'd give up the celebrity status.

Genius said...

Unfortunantly, I don't like dear Jess, or her 'i'm and idiot but it is cute and sexy'image. Seriously, I saw it coming. Anybody stupid, or money/fame hungry enough to have the first few years of marriage as a TV show is setting themselves up for a DISASTER. I think K makes an interesting point, would she give up all her fame and fortune if it meant a happy marriage with Nick...would her Dad LET her do that? I would be SHOCKED.

L said...

Sadly, I think you guys are right. Obviously she's always cared more about fame or she wouldn't have agreed to do the show for not one, but two seasons. And her Dad is a whole 'nother story. Not a fan of him for sure! That whole family has apparently turned away from the Lord and what they once said they believed . . and it will only lead to more disaster.