Saturday, December 10, 2005

Deck the Halls

So much family fun tonight. It was annual decorate the tree night at Uptown Grandma's. We first sat down to bowls of chili and/or potato soup with some yummy bread (perfect for weather in the single digits!) . Oatmeal cake for dessert . . pretty good stuff.

It's so fun to hang our favorite ornaments and see which new ones G-ma has gotten this year . . I accidentally broke one-whoops!

After some laughing and pulling out atrocious ornaments from various boxes, I overheard Grandma saying, "The girls better not get silly tonight or I'll be upset" (because this dec-the-tree stuff is very serious business). Isn't the fun part supposed to be hanging the big plastic apples that Grandma no longer likes all over the tree and when she complains, hiding them in the back of the tree so the neighbors can look in the window and think we're tacky?

Plus, I don't think it's possible for Joy & I to get together, along with my sister and not laugh and be silly. Here's an example:

And again, I make those I love brave the cold for a cool picture (this time in the sleigh):

Grandma always comes in at the top when it comes to Christmas decorations at the lake, though there doesn't seem to be as many lights this year . . . (that's a big Santa on the balcony):

Not to be cheesy, but it really IS beginning to look a lot like Christmas :)


k said...

Fun fun fun! I am feeling so anti-christmas since I have no decorations up - and don't plan to put any up. But I am counting on my mom to go all out so the few days I am spending in NY before christmas should make up for the lack of spirit here in Seattle.

Sarah said...

That looks so lovely! we just put our decorations up home and at uni, I love this time of year!!

cady said...

i agree...decorating the tree is so much fun. :) love the pics. the tree looks great and it looks like you guys had a blast.