Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Summer Vacation

Tomorrow I leave on vacation. I'm going back to Table Rock Lake down in Branson. Never thought Branson would be the #1 place I wanted to go on a summer vacation. I went down twice last year and I absolutely loved it. My trips were filled with food, fun, and sun - all the things that make a summer vacation great. Last year I spent long days in the sun (what is better than laying out on the back of a huge boat while my friend drives around the lake for hours ? . . hmm, I think nothing), caught some great air jet-skiing (thanks to a friend who sat on the back so I wouldn't be afraid to hit the big ones), jumped off of a cliff (several times, though it took me awhile at first), went tubing, of course hit the outlet malls (got a few great deals, as always), and I even went to a show (which was surprisingly funny, though I could've done w/o the twangy country songs in between the comedy acts . . I love country, but not the old stuff). This year I have big plans as well. This weekend my goals are: to have some great quiet times with Jesus, to get a good tan (w/o burning first), to wear flip flops, zero make-up and wavy hair every day, to eat Scottie's custard every night, to get up on the wakeboard, and maybe even to splurge and go parasailing. . . and don't think I forgot about visiting the outlet malls again. But, in order to leave early for my trip tomorrow I'm going to work at 7 o'clock, which means . . . I should be in bed right now.

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