Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mom and Dad Visit D.C.

Hello Lovely Blog Friends! There is much to catch up on. Since last I wrote, my parents came to town for a fun 5 day visit, and The Biscuit and I went down to Florida for an extended weekend ourselves.

First things first, though - let's start with my parents' trip.

As soon as they got into town, I took them straight to my favorite BBQ place, Rocklands. It was a cool night, perfect for eating at the picnic tables outside.


The next morning, we drove down to Colonial Williamsburg for the day, the largest living history museum in the country. I already loved Williamsburg before this trip, but I had never spent time touring the more historic part of town. Let me tell you, I was soaking it up.

I couldn't believe how well the actors made you feel as though you were back in time, as we observed them at work on a farm, in a cobbler's shop, a seamstress shop and more. We certainly didn't allow enough time to see as much as we would've liked.




I'm not sure what you'd call those flutes they're playing, but they were helping to reenact an historic scene.


This maze was hidden behind the Governor's Palace, and we attempted to find our way through.


And here is the Governor's Palace, restored to look exactly as it did in the 1700s, both inside and out.


And here is perhaps a pantry . . and a place to store your wigs? :)


We wandered through the Merchant Square, and I recommended we eat at the Cheese Shop, a place my roommate has taken me a few times before. Mmm, delicious sandwiches.


Among other activities, my parents and D's parents went up to Baltimore to enjoy the Inner Harbor and catch the Orioles v. Yankees game at Camden Yards.


I chose to wear my Yankees hat, much to his dismay.


It was Easter weekend, and we spent part of the day with my cousin and his family in Bethesda. It was too pretty outside to not take pictures in our Sunday best.


We were happy to also have my cousin Josh and his wife Erica in town from Chicago. In addition to family time on Easter, we visited the Newseum together, and hid from the heavy rain at the Lincoln Memorial.


Before seeing my parents off, I took them to . . well, to my orthodontist appointment, followed by Counter Burger and an introduction to gelato.


Mom and Dad say they plan to come at least once a year from now on, and I can't wait until they visit again!


Pink Sun Drops said...

LOVE this post, even though I already saw the gorgeous photos on facebook :) .

Kari said...

Your mom looks so young! Great genes to inherit!
Sounds like all had a great time. I was hoping that you would announce an engagement :)

concrete grinding said...

thanks for sahring .. i love the last pic .. the gellato .. yummy !