Monday, May 09, 2011

Food Trucks

D.C. is one of several cities across the country that has recently been flooded with . . food trucks.

Not Schwanns man food trucks, but trucks that park in different parts of the city each day to sell their specialties to lunch-goers.

There's a lobster truck, a mac n cheese truck, a pie truck, a kabob truck, a taco truck, a pizza truck, and the list goes on.


I ventured out for lunch the other day and found several trucks parked on the GW campus.


After much deliberation, I finally decided on Sabor'a Street arepas, because I had no idea what an arepa was! Turns out it consists of two thick corn flour patties with meat (or fish or cheese or eggs) piled in between. I ordered the mojo beef brisket (with a unique pico de gall0), and it was incredibly delicious, served with yucca and a lime aioli sauce on the side.


I almost walked away without stopping by Curbside Cupcakes. Almost.



k said...

Yum! The are renovating our student union (a 2 year process) meaning fewer food options on campus, so they brought in a bunch of food carts - we have 2 just outside my building (one mexican and one with a rotating comfort food menu). I normally bring my lunch, but I think once it starts getting warmer out, they will be really tempting!

Pink Sun Drops said...

Austin is full of food trailers. My favorite so far is our gourmet one, called The Odd Duck. Yours looks absolutely delicious! And that cupcake is making me hungry.

Katherine said...

hahaha...almost :)

a tall sassy gal said...

Can't wait to try them in July!

boodut said...

mm what kind of cupcake? Today i picked up a caramel apple cupcake from Jones Bros. and it had apple pieces in it.