Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Days

While I am waiting for my amazingly delicious banana bread to finish baking, I thought I'd update the blog. {At least I hope it's as delicious as it was when my colleague baked it the other day. Remember my quest for the perfect banana bread? I may have found it.}

I'm sort of baking it for a World Cup/pool party tomorrow, but let's be honest, I'm really just using that as an excuse.

Life has been incredibly busy so far this summer, as it always seems to be. Country concerts, boating, jazz in the Sculpture Garden, baseball games {Go Strasburg!}, kickball, and both a cousin and a friend in town to visit.

Shae has visited six times in the four years I've lived here, and it's fun to have her know all my friends and rather than sightsee, just go with the flow when she's in town. This visit, we stopped by a Mexican place on Capitol Hill for margaritas and chips and salsa and had dinner at the Waterfront with friends followed by a favorite hangout spot to end the night.

shae's visit

Thanks to a friend, I was able to see Stephen Strasburg's home opener for the Nationals, despite it being a sold out game. It was an awesome night to cheer for the Nats. Fourteen strikeouts!


strasburg's first game!

Our kickball season has come to a close, and I'll really miss those nights with friends as planes flew just over our heads right next to the Potomac. Gorgeous setting, and winning most of our games was pretty fun, too!

kickball on the potomac

It felt great to be back at the lake again with good friends. For some reason chocolate donut holes have become our morning pre-boating treat.

boating w/ donut holes as usual

My cousin Joy came to town {in addition to my aunt and uncle} to visit her brother and his family, and I was able to see her each day she was here! We met up at the Nats game Friday night {where I introduced her to Giffords ice cream}, spent all day Sunday with my family for Father's Day . . and I stole her on Saturday for pool time, an Italian dinner with friends and a night at the Waterfront. Being the talented stylist she is, she offered to do a fun rope braid in my hair for the night.

Joy and me and Paparazzi

Just a few more days before I head home to Nebraska for the Fourth of July. It's been six months since I've been home, and I couldn't be more excited!


Anonymous said...

Just saying hi girl... HI! Glad all is well. I was hoping to make it to DC in August, but it wasn't in the cards. Maybe January?

Lauren said...

You have definitely found the perfect banana bread recipe! So yummy! I think I ate three pieces :)

pinksundrops said...

Love the braided bangs!

Jamie said...

Hi L, I can tell by your blog you're a fun girl and you like sweets! that's my kind a girl. i commented back to you on my post so let me know more and i would love to help your friend get plugged into a great church!

Love another girl lovin Jesus, Jamie