Monday, November 03, 2008

My Vote

Tomorrow morning I'm voting for John McCain. Here are just a few reasons why (not necessarily in any particular order):

1. John McCain is a proven patriot. (Being a POW does not qualify you for the Presidency, but it does demonstrate love of country and a passion to win wars and defeat our enemies.)
2. McCain believes that evil exists and must be taken out. (Electing an African-American President with an Islamic name will not suddenly turn our enemies into kind, rational human beings.)
3. McCain won't raise taxes on anyone, a plan that he realizes would hurt our country, especially as we go through this recession.
4. McCain values life whereas Obama clearly does not. (Obama's vote against a bill that would've protected babies surviving late-term abortions is horrendous, as is his vote against a bill that would give unwanted babies surviving abortions and wanted babies born prematurely equal treatment. This is a bill not even NARAL Pro-Choice America opposed. In fact, only 15 House members did. He also supports the Freedom of Choice Act which would destroy limitations on abortion in all states, such as parental notification and waiting periods. He ALSO voted against a law banning partial-birth abortions.)
5. McCain has a better health care plan. His plan will take the most flawed aspect of our current system, the tax break for employers, and give that tax break to us. Obama prefers a plan like Canada's, where provinces are currently trying to ensure that cancer patients are treated within 4 weeks of diagnosis. Among many government-run health care plan flaws, long wait times is one of them. Guess what? The rich still get the best care.
6. McCain wants parents to be able to choose their own schools to see which school fits best for their child. School choice is the best solution for improving schools. This is how we weed out bad teachers.
7. McCain supports the Second Amendment. Obama does not.
8. McCain understands the issue of illegal immigration. He wants our borders to be secured, and he has a plan.
9. He has proven many times that he can bridge the gap of party lines. Obama has not. He has a 96% liberal voting record. His actions just don't match his words.
10. McCain has shown that he is committed to reform and cutting spending, which is exactly what we need. The spending has gotten out of control!
11. McCain wants to let us keep more of our money, all of us. Obama wants to take money from the rich and give it to the poor, just another form of welfare. His "tax cuts" are actually tax credits. He says he'll cut taxes for 95% of America when 30% don't even pay taxes. I'd rather keep my money in the first place than have it taken from me and then given back as some sort of "credit".
I could go on and on . . but it's past my bedtime, and I want to also list reasons I wouldn't vote for Obama in addition to the above.
1. Obama has a shady past. I can't understand how people can so easily dismiss his associations. He wouldn't even be able to get security clearance! (Trust me, I've been through the process.)
2. Obama supported his Muslim cousin in his run for the Presidency in Kenya. He ran against a Christian candidate and lost.
3. Obama's grandmother has been running around Kenya telling people that he was born there, and Obama has reluctantly shown two separate "birth certificates" from Hawaii that look nothing alike. I don't want to believe it's true, but why was he fighting so hard to produce the documents.
4. No one has seen any other documents Obama has produced. What about his school transcripts? What about papers he has written? These are normal things that should be public information.
5. I don't believe Obama wasn't aware of his pastor's anti-American attitude. Yet he was mentored by him, attended for years and years, and also gave him money.
6. Obama said he doesn't support marriage between same sex couples, yet he called California's Prop 8 "divisive". Whether you support Prop 8 or not, that is called a complete contradiction. What do you really believe, Mr. Obama?
7. Obama's comments about rural America were offensive, as were his wife's comments about America.
8. Obama's campaign has been run on a "unity" platform, but writings by his wife back at Princeton reveal her racial mindset/worldview. Scary.
9. Can you name a single accomplishment he has achieved?
10. He's been running for the Presidency ever since he got into the U.S. Senate.

Shoot, I want to keep writing, but it's past 11pm, and I'm waking up at 6am to vote for JOHN McCAIN. Good night. :)


Brett G said...

I can agree with you on all these topics, both the McCain and Obama ones, except that McCain cares about illegal immigration. He's an Arizona Senator and he, along with the rest of the freaking Legislature have been dragging their feet for years. The fact that he is President won't make one difference in this issue.

Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree more! Well said!

Vanessa ( a friend of Alyssa)

Morgan said...

I'll be casting my vote for McCain tomorrow, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go L. Very well said. Everything you said is absolutely true. I voted McCain-Palin as well. God Bless America! :)


Jenni Lynn said...

I love that you stated Why you are voting for McCain and not just voting against Obama. Way to be an educated voter! (oh and the abortion issue, do other people not care or what???? Obama is not even pro-choice, he is pro-abortion, it is ridiculous and very sad.)

em said...

There is no such thing as Pro-abortion. That is ridiculous. What Democrats want is to improve access to reproductive services so that less people find themselves in a position where they would get an abortion, while simulataneously allowing women autonomy and independence to make their own decisions about their bodies.

L said...

But what does access to reproductive services have to do with protecting babies that survived abortions? NARAL Pro-Choice didn't oppose this bill because they said it didn't violate a woman's right to choose. Obama's comment about not wanting his daughters to be "punished with a baby" if they accidentally got pregnant was very telling. A baby should never be referred to as a "punishment". What it all comes down to for me is that life begins at conception and destroying life is murder. Women make choices about their own bodies when choose to have sex - and the vast majority of abortions happen in the cases of voluntary sex.

MikeO said...

Bravo L!

em said...

but men don't have to make that choice?

em said...

well anyway it's not a debate that we are going to decide here. i just want everyone to realize that neither person is a bad person. and pro-abortion is not true just a really negative way of painting someone. he's a good man. mccain is a good man. they do what they think is best with good intentions.

MikeO said...

At least we will be able to say "Don't blame me, I didn't vote for him."

TCO said...

Sorry to see the outcome was not what you wanted. Everything should still be fine though.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, and appreciate the time you spent listing the reasons why you would vote FOR someone, rather than only listing the opposite.

I'm curious about the following statement though: "Obama supported his Muslim cousin in his run for the Presidency in Kenya. He ran against a Christian candidate and lost."

What does this mean? In your opinion, how is this a problem? I'm geniunely confused by the statement, even if the election is over. I hope you'll take the time to clarify.


Anonymous said...

In response to the last comment. I could only hope that you are right. However, I believe that there will indeed be great changes coming. I believe this is the beginning of the end to some of our freedoms (religious freedoms, right to bear arms) In Canada today pastors have been arrested to speak of homosexuality as sin. Making such a statement does not encourage hatred nor does it intend to. There is help for those who want to be free and I have great compassion for them. Our forefathers gave their lives for these freedoms and we are willing to throw them away. Economically, there are principles that encourage growth and those that don't. We can not ignore them and not pay a price. If people don't have jobs it won't matter what the tax rate is. Obama laughed at trickle down economics but if it doesn't trickle down than why do those at the bottom really hurt the worst when the economy is bad. If the Interesting that liberals claim to be so compassionate and yet we (who make 50,000 a year) have given more to charity then either Joe Biden or Barack Obama. Why because our faith motivates us to give and we know that private organizations are far more efficient (and actually change lives through relationship)than the government can ever imagine being. As for foreign affairs if Obama is going to trust those who are untrustworthy we are really in great danger as a country. Obama is president-elect because in America we vote for style over substance and because our schools are one of the greatest tools of liberal ideology and they have been very successful in training the minds of the youth to believe these world views are superior. Why do you think the schools deal with so many discipline issues? why the violence? we throw out judeo-christain values. In reality, only a transformational committed to God can change us as individuals and a world. But as we already know this world will not be transformed in a widespead way.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what L thinks but I for one am troubled by Obamas support for a muslim candidate who by the way when he lost he and his followers engaged in great violence towards others. Muslims see America as a Christian nation although we are predominantly more of a secular nation. They see all who do not follow Mohammed as infidels who should be killed. Obama says he is Christian yet he is accepted by his Muslim family members and they rejoice at his election. Interesting! At the very least if truly a Christian Obama would be shunned. If you say that not all muslims feel this way you may be right I don't know but should I be comforted by the fact that some are not as committed to their faith. A pastor and an Imam spoke at a diversity training session at a prison. The Imam did not deny that Muslims are taught to kill infidels when questioned. The Pastor then asked "would you rather have your Allah who asks you to kill ME so you can get to heaven Or my JESUS who asks me to love YOU so that you can go to heaven with me. He hung his head in shame.