Sunday, November 09, 2008

Fall in (love with) Virginia

I can't imagine a more perfect fall weekend . . unless I wasn't fighting off some kind of bug. I haven't felt 100% since Thursday - very draggy, waking up feeling the heaviness in my head, stuffed up, etc. But of course I haven't let it stop my fun. (I may be regretting it tomorrow.)

Saturday morning, Friend and I went to an estate sale, picking up a few vintage finds that we are in love with. I took home two pretty bowls and an old metal cake cover that says 'cake' on it. All for only $10, when originally the cover alone had been $25!

I watched football Saturday afternoon, of course. Go Huskers! That evening was spent with the boating boys and another girl friend around the firepit in their backyard (a forest) making hobo pies (campfire paninis, basically) and eating birthday cake. The cake fell on the ground, COVERED in leaves and dirt, and I attempted to save it by scraping off the top with a knife. Didn't work very well, but it made for a good laugh.
The boys live over an hour away, but I awoke this morning to head back to Virginia for some hiking with them in the mountains at Shenandoah National Park (Appalachian Trail). It was 45 degrees up there, quite chilly compared to the temperatures near D.C., and the trees had begun to lose their leaves at the top of the mountain, but there were still some spectacular views. The mountains are only about 2 1/2 hours from my house, and I've always wanted to visit in the fall!


Anonymous said...

Cute title. Cute girl

Brett G said...

That is some pretty scenery. I would like to visit the Appalachians some day. However, I must say that when you talked about the trees on the top of the mountains I got to thinking that 'REAL' mountains don't have trees on the top of them because they are too high. You and your inferior Appalachian range got nothin' on my Rocky Mountain elevation! Oh snap!

mikeo said...

I graduated from Va those mountains. Beautiful campus. You must visit there sometime, even if they did beat Nebraska. I think you should plan to go to the NE-VaTech game next those mountains. You don't know when that might happen again.

my life is brilliant said...

I LOVED Virginia when I went there with K in October 2007. SO pretty! I told K I could totally see myself living there someday.

We'll be visiting again next spring. I'm excited!

Courtney said...

You are so photogenic!! :) Great pics!