Monday, December 03, 2007

PIcture Austin

Say hello to Hermie III. This is the third year my family in Austin has had Thanksgiving with my cousin and his family in Houston. The turkey was given the name Hermie the first year and so it will always be called from here on out. It's a long story. All I know is that Hermie was delicious. The herbs made all the difference.
Jelly Bellies, mmm. The cousins don't usually keep junk food around the house, but while I was in town, things were different. No wonder they didn't want me to leave! Every night, we enjoyed our Blue Bell ice cream or Skinny Cow treats (Fat Boys, as Uncle Rich calls them) or some bulk candy we'd picked up at the store. When it comes to Jelly Bellies, I like all cinnamon all the time.

Here are Pink and myself up on Mount Bonnell in Austin with the skyline in the background. The city is just gorgeous with its rolling hills and green, green, green everywhere. The views from this place were amazing. I can't remember if I had managed to spill hot chocolate down the front of my sweater and scarf at this point, but fortunately when I did, it didn't stain anything. We took loads of pictures up there, posing in a dozen different ways. Coats on, coats off, kicking our boots up, back to back, picture with the skyline, picture with the lake . . and so on. I told her today that I can't believe it's only been a week since I was there! It feels like an eternity. Probably because I've been having a hard time since being back. Not because I'm back, but . . another reason. It's been fun to look at the pictures every day and remember what a wonderful time I had.

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my life is brilliant said...

Gorgeous pictures! And the first one with the boots -- so Austin!