Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Full of Fun

So the first thing I think when I sit down to write about my weekend is: YUM. It was a delicious, high-calorie weekend. Oh, and I also think *yawn*. So exhausting!

My weekend began a day earlier than usual as I headed out for Thursday night dinner with some girlfriends. We sat on the patio at Sette Bello drinking our favorite wines and eating caprese salad and penne with salmon in vodka and cream sauce. (I also gave in and had a dense chocolate mousse cake with vanilla bean ice cream.) I had every intention of heading home early and hopping in the sack at 10pm, but one fun moment led to another and before I knew it, I was dancing to a live cover band, and it was 1:30am. Oops.

Friday evening was a repeat of dinner and dancing, but with a different group of friends. This time my salmon was covered in bbq sauce and served atop a pile of mashed potatoes with asparagus and corn salsa on the side.

Saturday, despite a high of 70 degrees, was spent on the lake. No football game for my team, so I opted out of game-watching altogether. My comfort on the slalom ski has reached a new high, as I continue to set bigger goals for myself each time I go out. My shoulder is not touching the water yet (let’s be honest, not even close) but I’m pretty impressed with how far I’ve come. After boating, the boys and I stopped by their friend’s block party BBQ. He’d been up since 4am smoking the meat, and it was fantastic! He even got the local newspaper to come by and snap a few pictures – too funny.

Yesterday’s highlight was golfing on a new course! I’m not sure I can go back to my regular course after that! It was a gorgeous afternoon surrounded by ponds, geese honking, and tons of deer roaming onto the course. We had dinner at our favorite sandwich/pizza place (my meal: pita stuffed with chicken, tomato sauce, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses, and garlic), and I stayed up way too late playing the new Scrabble Beta on facebook. Seriously addicting!

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