Wednesday, November 30, 2011


*My Thanksgiving Meal with D's Family*

There is so much to say.

For starters, I will do a belated Thanksgiving shout-out (although giving thanks could never be belated).

I have a pretty sweet set-up in life right now, and I am thankful for it every day. It’s true that my fiancĂ© just moved about 350 miles away from me and my job has become so dull and boring, but in the midst of that, there is so much to be thankful for that I hardly notice the negative.

My boss has given me so much flexibility. He knows I’m looking for work in Charlotte. He’s cool with me tele-working whenever the need may arise. And he will look the other way if my resume happens to be up on my screen – or a wedding website, of course.  I do struggle with feeling guilty about this lack of work to do, but I’ve concluded that I have to consider it a blessing and enjoy it while it lasts.

I am only three days into this long distance thing, so I can’t give it a proper assessment, but I will say that it has already brought even more anticipation for the future.  I know the holidays will fly by, and then we will be left with only 100 days of waiting. I am thankful for Skype. And I am thankful for Priceline, through which I just I booked a hotel in New York.  In two weeks, D’s company is having their Christmas party there, and I get to go! I can't wait! Nevermind that seeing him for a whole 6 hours will be the biggest tease. At least I get to see him.

I am thankful for my future in-laws, and I am thankful for my own family and friends.  I am thankful my grandma’s chemo treatments are said to be working, and I am thankful that last week’s car repair cost me a few hundred less than expected (even if it was still a very painful bill).

This weekend, my cousin Erica is visiting, and I’m glad to have a guest for the first weekend away from D. We have some dinner reservations and a trip to Mount Vernon planned.  Hopefully I don’t wear her pregnant self out!
*Me and D at the Capitol on Thanksgiving Morning*

I am so very thankful for him. He is caring, patient, fun, godly, talented and hot! And he is my perfect complement. I love you, babe!