Sunday, October 10, 2010

Feels like Fall

Bad blogger here. Between getting a new job and hanging out with a new person, I've been a busy girl this month. Not that the busyness is anything new. I've also been taking an online photography class, but unfortunately have not been very good about practicing the new tips.

I'm getting closer and closer to accepting the fact that it's Fall. The leaves are turning, the temps are dropping, and Halloween is right around the corner. Despite the warm Sunday we had today, I did two very Fall-ish things to begin to ease myself into the new season. I ate pumpkin spice fro-yo and baked an apple cake {with apples I bought at Eastern Market}. Pretty soon, I'll be getting a pumpkin for the front porch and donning my boots. Pretty soon . . but not yet. Fall is a beautiful season in Virginia, but Fall turns to Winter, and Winter is no good.

My favorite thing about Fall is the football. I've been to a Skins game this season, as well as the Virginia Tech/Boise State game {sad face}, and best of all, I'll be spending this Saturday afternoon in Memorial Stadium as we Huskers {hopefully} give the Longhorns a proper farewell before exiting what's left of the Big XII conference. I am so so excited! {*I'll also be attending my best friend's daughter - Baby Grace's - 1st birthday party this weekend. She's my favorite!}

Last weekend I did something Fall-ish, too. I checked grape stomping off my "must do" list. See?:



And there were firepits and wine and BBQ. Ok, maybe I am ready for Fall.